For the past six years Woodmen's youth has been supporting a small community in rural Swaziland. What started out as providing basic needs for a community to survive has grown into a beautiful friendship and testament to what God will do when people are willing to spend themselves on others. Enjoy these videos and the epic story of what God is doing. To find out more about our partnership in Swaziland click here.

Woodmen Valley Chapel's student ministries took its fourth student missions trip to Swaziland this past July as part of 6 year long partnership turn beautiful friendship.


God first, others second, one's self third. That is the heart of the Third Project and Woodmen Valley Chapel's Student Ministries. The Third Project has grown into a beautiful partnership with a small community in Swaziland. In this video Brian Carlson talks about the birth of this movement and its impact on students in Colorado Springs.


After a beautiful 6 year partnership our community stopped to reflect and celebrate all God has done through two churches thousands of miles apart. This video tries to paint a picture of life for our far off friends and the relationship that's developed between us.