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The purpose of a Student Ministry Internship is not primarily to “help make ministry happen” but to develop current/future youth pastors through instruction, practical supervised experience, mentorship, etc. Upon completion of the internship, the intern should be effective in leading a ministry well. This individual will learn strong leadership and people skills, as well as the ability to effectively maintain responsibilities of ministry. This position works alongside the Student Ministry Team.




1.  Coordination/Programming

  • Equips, recruits, connects, and cares for Ministry Partner (MP) Coaches and MPs so they can carry out the Student Ministries vision and strategy in the lives of students and families

  • Functions as a key member of the weekly student service, helping with programming/design

  • Assists in the development of students through leadership opportunities and ministry ownership

  • Oversees logistical areas of service production

  • Carefully examines programing to identify gaps and develops solutions

  • Actively participates in Student Ministries staff meetings and area Team meetings

  • Programs, develops, leads and executes a student event


2.  Teaching/Training

  • Develops a strategy to meet the spiritual needs of students through coaching

  • Contact work with students

  • Regularly meets with assigned MPs for touch-point meetings and personal one-on-one time

  • Periodically leads area staff meeting

  • Assists in the development, training and support of MPs

  • Schedules quarterly days of solitude and prayer

  • Attends one leadership conference

  • Meets one-on-one with program supervisor

  • Occasionally leads pre-program meetings, announcements, etc.

  • Shares teaching responsibilities in areas of gifting; assists in message series, teaching and theme development


3.  Administrative

  • Assists Student Team when responding to crisis

  • Helps manage Sunday night programming (includes worship, teaching and small group environments)

  • Occasionally promotes programming and events on social media, texts, e-mail, etc.

  • Works with Student Ministries team to create cohesion and continuity between Middle School and High School Ministries

  • Helps develops ministry teams that allow leaders and students to discover and use their gifts and talents; develops and manages MPs

  • Other tasks as assigned




1.   Education/Experience

  • Demonstrates on ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ through regular prayer, personal Bible study, and worship attendance

  • A member of Woodmen who supports its vision and values through the giving of time and tithes

  • Has a heart for students

  • Expresses a call to ministry or is exploring a call to vocational ministry

  • Has gifts in leadership, creativity and administration

  • Is flexible, humble, faithful, team-oriented, teachable, a servant-leader, and a self-starter

  • Has earned a high school diploma and is working towards a college degree

  • Has excellent editing and grammar skills

  • Able to work independently and take initiative to complete all tasks

  • Exhibits a willingness to assist in multiple program areas

  • Able to deal with people skillfully and answer questions pertaining to the ministry while maintaining a friendly yet confidential approach

  • Upholds high moral and biblical standards in his/her interpersonal relationships

  • Proficiency in Mac, Windows (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Outlook

  • Able to operate common office equipment, including copiers, fax machines, printers, and a multi-line phone system

2.  Physical

  • This positions requires several hours of standing, walking and sitting; occasional light lifting (less than 50 lbs.)

  • Must be available to work weekends, occasional evenings and some overnights (camps, mission trips, all-nighter events)

  • Must have reliable transportation

  • Must have a physical endurance to maintain a rigorous schedule of activities, as well as keep up with and relate well to middle and high school students

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I understand that Woodmen is a non-smoking facility and that smoking anywhere on Woodmen property is strictly prohibited. My answers on this application and on any resume I provide are complete and true. I understand that the submission of any false or incomplete information in connection with my application, whether on this or other documents or in interviews, will be cause for the rejection of my application or the termination of my internship at any time. I authorize Woodmen and its agents to verify any information related to my application or resume. I also authorize individuals, schools, employers and law enforcement or government officials to freely release any information concerning my background and hereby release any and all of them from any liability for doing so. If I am accepted into the Woodmen Intern Program, I understand that it is on an at-will basis and that either Woodmen or I may terminate the internship at any time for any reason.
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